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+ Make Cash Money Online
with the Internet and your Computer
Direct Sales and Network Marketing

"Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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+ Make Cash Money Online
with the Internet and your Computer

For the Entreprenuer Woman.

Here's the High Points. What is your business plan?

$$ If making more cash money is in your plan...

$$ If doing business all online with your computer is in your plan....

$$ If delivery of all product is done for you online....

$$ And all you have to do is advertise your website, talk only to interested people,
contacting you...

$$ And collect the money via mail without the complications and costly fees of merchant accounts
and credit cards...

Then YOU will want to write this website down and click the link.

It's about cash money income (not gold)

I'll be talking to you soon, only if you are interested.
Fellow busy business Women, earning income, made easier.


What is Direct Sales and Network Marketing?

Simply put, it is American Made Business for any individual and can be done
with very little money invested.
It is a distribution channel for product and or services where YOU can get paid.
How can you make money buying and consuming products and services? READ ON...

In order to make serious money, you either have to have a lot to invest in stocks, bonds, buy big ticket items and flip them,
or have a business
where you can "leverage yourself" by having others product consumption and work efforts contributing to your income.

How does Network Marketing "leverage me"?

The Network Marketing Business Model is the most ethical and moral on the planet.
Every person is independent and benefits. It is like a "family tree", because of YOU there are other people in that tree
below you. Some you know and many you may never get to meet, but you get paid for all of them.
Some of the richest people in the world are involved. Donald Trump and Warren Buffet own network marketing companies.
Standford University has for many years in their Business Department taught Network Marketing.

In contrast, all other Businesses and Corporate America are a pyramid, although a legal one.
There is one Chief at the top making the most money.
There are a few spots for sub-Chief's making less money.
There are other sub-sub-Chief's making less money.
Then at some point there are the "worker bees" making the least money.
Doesn't matter how hard you work either. The "Market" says your skills
are worth only so many dollars and that is your ceiling.

How does that Corporation make money?
They spend Thousands and Millions on ADVERTISING to bring retail customers in to buy
goods and/or services. That is where the money comes from to pay you with.
The retail consumer's purchases pays for all those salaries, advertising, warehouseing, wholesalers who sell
to the retailer outlets etc.... Commercial Business buys at the lowest cost and sells at the highest price because there are
lots of costs added inbetween.
Stores buying at the lowest cost, means you may not be getting the highest quality you would want to receive for your money.
And you don't get any "kick backs of cash" for buying those products or services.
It's just an expense of cash going out of your pocket, you did get product for it though.

So, the question is...How can you make money buying and consuming products and services?

In the Network Marketing Business Model - so many of those times the "product costs" is so called
stepped on, (added to) is eliminated. So product quality can be higher and in the better companies, IS in order to stand out in the market.
And there are NO Millions spent on Advertising (newpapers, magazines, TV, radio..etc.).
You are the Advertiser - Referrer bringing new consumers to the company and YOU and everyone in your "family tree" GET PAID
those Advertsing Dollars.

You have the product development, production and packaging cost, you have the network marketing company
with it's management team who makes sure there is product in the warehouse ready to go, a well run
shipping department, a bookkeeping department to keep track of your earnings and pay you.
They do all the time consuming stuff involved in running a distribution channel.

All you have to do, is participate and never quit on yourself!
All good things take effort and time to grow.
Step 1: Buy product to help grow and support your company staying in business so that you can get paid.
Step 2: Invite other people to join you.
Step 3: Help your people invite other people to join them.

Step 4: In 1 to 3 years you can be financially independent.

Can you do that at your current J.O.B.? Or do you even still have a J.O.B.?
J.O.B's (Just Over Broke) belongs to the Employers. Never belong to you.
They take them away from YOU any time they want to. (I've been there too many times.)

In business for yourself in Network Marketing, you are in control of your own economy!
You are in control of the number of invites you make and how long you participate!
In Network Marketing your "family tree" also spreads out the line of distribution in different economic areas,
(different cities, different states, different countries).
So your entire paycheck is never subject to any one area's economy and
never dependent on wether you worked today or not eventually.
Meaning if you owned a local brick and mortar store and your town was 75% out of work then you are likely
out of business too unless you have customers in other states, cities, etc....
In Network Marketing, we are spread all across the US, and even other countries.
You also don't have to sponsor everyone, each individual is just as motivated as you and gets paid just like you do
for inviting others and staying active in the company consuming product and helping it grow.

So, the big question is....Are you going to participate and be in American Made Business
and leverage yourself for now and for your future?
Time for some Due Diligence?
Not to scare you too much...but what are you doing to "hedge" you and yours from hyper-inflation these days?
The government and banks are printing more money...which all that does is devalue the dollar more!
So it takes more of your dollars to buy the same things it did in 2007 before the big housing market balloon popped.
So all you can do is bring in more dollars to keep up. So you need to increase your income by adding
either another J.O.B. (which I can see the qualifications for getting a job have gone up but the wages have NOT.)
In my field of "accounting" which I retired from in 1995 I can see today in 2012
the market is still paying the same wage I was earning in 1995 to young people with 4 year degrees! How wrong is that!

Or you can add an in-home business that also gives you "tax breaks" as well as new income.

We have come across the best of both worlds! Sell and buy a product that actually grows in value right
along with the "hyper-inflation" we have been experiencing since early 2008. If you have money to invest,
or are one of the wealthy people that the banks love to loan money to, you
can get a bank housing loan, then you can capitalize on the low low housing interest rates, (in 2007
many people had a on the low side 7% interest rate up to 11 3/4% interest rate on their home),
now you can get 3% or so. Money saved there. Buy Rentals! Because the other thing that has
NOT gone down with the value of the dollar, is RENTS. Rents have gone up steadily with inflation.

If you aren't wealthy now and the bank is knocking down you door to loan you money,
and can capitalize on making more money on your money, then....

Get in touch with us today and lets see what your needs and desires are and let us show you how you can begin fulfilling those.
Let's talk REAL.

For more info we are happy to share with you!

OUR Mission Statement:
To make a big difference in people's lives in these hard economic times which will have a ripple effect to help better
the economics of the hard working families of America! Happy, Healthy, Prosperous!

To Help as many people as we can reach out to, make new Income for their Families.

We are doing at home businesses along side of My Fine horse and pet nutritional products that I have done since 1990.

Marketing Partner
Click the link if you could use some Help. Someone to help you figure out
what HOME BUSINESS would fit you best and how to do a Home Business. And even people who will call your "prospects" for you.
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with your GWN Team Sales Partner.

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You can buy your vacation packages from Coastal Vacations.

We have a company we use to earn enough income and fullfill our dream
working at home and achieving financial freedom, you can too!
We'd like to work with you to live your dream.

Honestly, this is for Ambitious People who want more!
Who want to be in control of their own destiny.
Begin with what you want now from it.
A Business is truly for building WEALTH and INDEPENDENCE.
Work 3 to 4 years hard - to be Financially Free!

Then only WORK because you CHOOSE to.

Multiple Income Stream $olutions

Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for,
it is a thing to be achieved.
~William Jenings Bryan

We live in 4 worlds -
(the Invisible)Mental + Emotional + Spiritual
= your Physical World (the Visible - your printout)

You must IMPROVE YOURSELF (Invisible World)... to Improve your Income (Physical World).
Grow Yourself... to Grow your Networth.
Expand Yourself... to Expand your Money/Wealth.
The Universe will only give you as much as you can hold/handle.
And the Universe is abundant. Get out of your comfort zone and grow.
In nature, if you're not Growing ... your Dying.

Be the Right Person - at the Right Place - at the Right Time!

You are a Wealthy Person when you Add Value to Other's Lives (both people and animals).
Is a Bee a "better" Bee if he produces less Honey for the Hive?
A Chipmunk a "better" Chipmunk if he collects less Nuts for his family?
Does that ever happen in Nature? Of course not.


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Human Solutions-Energy
& Seizure-Free Animals

Fuel Freedom
Are GAS/Diesel Prices Killing U?
Save on cost/gal and increase your MPG, smooth
Out your engine's performance and increase horsepower
Plus LOWER your EMISSIONS and be GREEN! Now in 215 countries.


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We wish you and yours Optimal Health and Optimal Living. (Naturally)
From our Family of Furry Children to Yours.

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