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Rare Earth Magnets For The Relief Of Pain
  Rediscovering a Natural Force in Life

Magentism and electricity are closely related and regarded as two expressions of the same electromagnetic force that is a property of all matter. Whether it be in the earth, your body, or your horse's body, all cells and tissues generate electromagnetic fields. but interaction of these fields with external magnets depends on the quality and type of magnets used, and the "lines of flux" created by their field patterns.

Scientific Evidence of Therapeutic Effect

Only recently have we had equipment sufficiently sophisticated to actually measure the impact of electromagnetic flux in physical healing and preventive therapy; and research continues into its effect on oxygen flow and circulation. while the body's blood circulation and other systems do constitute a "chemical" process, it is equally accurate to describe their functioning as "electrical"; and studies indicate that electromagnetic fields alter cellular activity and may improve circulation by increasing ionized particles in the blood.

Proper magnetic therapy activates ions. These two illustrations show the effects of magnetic stimulation, moving tissue salts from a state of stagnation to a place of order within the cells. When this happens, fluids flow again, waste products are removed, and edema and congestion are regulated. Cell metabolism reverts to normal balance.

The "Equiflux™" Concept

The fields are dynamic, the design is comfortable, the results are dramatic. Here's how it works:

The special design and alignment of the magnets in Natural Vibrations products assure the kind of magnetic movement that is safe and right for each application. Whether optimizing sedating effects through the use of North Pole-only magnets (such as in our knee, hock and splint wraps), or stimulating circulation through the alternating pole arrangement used in the rest of our line, Natural Vibrations promotes an optimal dialogue between these dynamic flux fields and your horse's body.

"Flex-Fit™" for Magnetic Mobility

The great scientist Michael Faraday showed over 100 years ago that magnets in motion can induce electrical current relative to a conductor....which in this case is your horse's body. So to create optimum interaction between the internal and external magnetic fields, Natural vibrations products are designed to allow physical mobility of the magnetic wrap.

Top Quality Iron Ferrite Magnets

The magnets used in Natural Vibrations products are always of the type best suited for their intended use. Most are iron ferrite magnets representing the most natural, earth-based magnetic medium available.

Optimized Gauss Strength

Gauss is a measurement of the lines of force or flux that indicate a magnet's strength (usually highest at the edges of a magnet and weakest in the middle). Although our magnets are rated at the surface at 3,900 gauss, the special "movable" design of Natural Vibrations products means that the magnetic fields penetrating the horse's body will vary in gauss strength, and be significantly lower than the gauss rating. Gauss, however, is just one of the interactive factors - along with magnet shape, magnet angle and other variables - that determine the all important flux field patterns that deliver the product's therapeutic and health maintenance benefits.

Quality-Controlled Manufacturing at Our Plant

Assembling Natural Vibrations products at our own facility allows us to control quality in every detail. For example, to prevent jostling and bumping from disturbing the critical alignment of the magnets, we carefully seat each in its own recessed "pocket" before adding layers of protective padding; then we lock stitch all layers together between rugged, attractive nylon covers.

A Brief Explanation Of How Magnetic Therapy Works
  Magnetic therapy products enable you to safely and economically treat many human and animal bodies' aches and painful conditions without the use of injections, salves and drugs. Clinical tests have proven that when magnets are applied to painful areas of the body a favorable reaction takes place. Iron Ferrite rare earth magnets deeply penetrate the flesh and create a magnetic field that energizes and oxygenates the blood, especially the white blood corpuscles which are the body's natural healing agents. The charged ion particles in the blood are moved about creating heat. This constant heat helps increase blood flow which helps to ease body pain and enables the body to perform a natural healing process. Magnetic therapy is safe and is non invasive, non addictive. The Iron Ferrite rare earth magnets are permanent and can be used over and over.
Do Magnets Really Work?
  Throughout Eastern cultures, magnetism has been used for centuries, as many have been aware of the beneficial effects of magnets on the body. Magnetic therapy has now finally come to America. The cost of staying healthy and pain free has become so expensive that the American public clamored for an alternative therapy that would release them from the addiction of pain killer pills, needles and salves and restore their body's health.
About The Users Of Magnets
  People from all walks of life use magnets for "pain therapy." In the May 1997 issue of a worldwide sports magazine several Senior Pro Golfers said "They're great. Without them you'd have 20 guys who couldn't play." Seniors, who want long drives and longevity, tape magnets to their bodies. Several golfers wear magnets in their shoes to soothe aching feet. Many sleep on magnetic mattress pads. Other golfers who have been off the tour for months at a time due to aches and pains are now playing on a weekly basis and wear magnets all over their bodies! Many athletes in health clubs are seen wearing magnetic therapy products.

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