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Magnetic Field Therapy for Horses ©
by Mary Ann Simonds, B.S., M.A.

All life forms on earth have evolved with the earth's magnetic fields. For thousands of years, people of various cultures have been aware of and used magnets for healing. Although, well documented in physics and commercial uses, magnets today are being rediscovered for use in healing various life forms.

Although direct application of magnets can have beneficial results, inexperienced people should not apply magnets if they are unfamiliar with the strength and nature of the magnets.
Magnets can "burn" the skin if left on too long or are too strong. Magnets can also change the polarity of the body and cause discomfort if too strong or left in a static position too long. Low level magnetic fields of 5 to 1000 gauss are usually safest and seem to have the best healing affects on most life forms. The safest products allow the magnets to create a "field" and move with the body.

Using any magnetic field on or near an animal or person can affect the body. Magnetic research indicates that magnets can affect:

Blood flow by increasing the oxygen carrying potential.

Changes in migration of calcium ions, thus assisting in moving calcium ions to broken bones or removing ions from painful arthritic joints.

The pH balance of various body fluids which are often out of balance when ill.

Hormone production from the endocrine glands which can be increased or decreased by magnetic stimulation.

Enzyme activity and other bio-chemical processes.

Documented examples of specific effects created when a magnetic field is applied to the body are:

Electricity is generated in blood vessels.

Ionized particles increase in the blood.

Autonomic nerves are excited.

Circulation is improved.

Magnetic fields can also be used to balance the negative effects of low-level electromagnetic fields caused from such things as power lines and micro-waves, as well as noxious earth energies. Imbalanced earth energies can weaken the immune system and cause general weakness in people and animals.

Types of Magnetic Fields

Basically, there are two common types of magnetic field products on the market today; 1) a magnetic field pulse system which generates an electromagnetic field using electricity and coils and 2) magnetic products which use various types of magnets to generate a magnetic field. There are several manufacturers of pulsed electromagnetic field systems today. These systems may operate off batteries or direct electricity using direct or alternating currents. Magnetic products may use ceramic magnets or various forms of flexible magnets. Their strength will vary from roughly 300-400 gauss to about 1000 gauss. Most magnets have a South (+) positive pole and a North or negative (-) pole. Positive poles usually stimulate and negative poles usually sedate when used directly on an acu-point on the body. When alternating poles are used, a magnetic field of "attraction" is created. If single poles are used, a magnetic field of "repelling" is created. Bi-pole magnets are made with alternating strips of positive and negative poles in various patterns from crisscrossing to concentric circles. In general, alternating fields are the safest and most commonly used, although all forms of magnetic field therapy has its specific application.

In general,

Magnetic therapy is a safe non-invasive modality that works subtly with the body's energy to bring about balance. Magnetic therapy can be used as preventative therapy to help keep the body in balance. However, the advice of your veterinarian or health care professional should be sought before using magnetic therapies in the treatment of any serious disorder.
All items are hand washable, durable with the highest energy magnets that will not demagnetize and will last for years. The Natural Vibrations™ magnets are a safe natural energy source and there are no harmful exposure levels and no limitations by Government agencies in the use of permanent magnets as applied to the Human or Equine body.

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