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 With increased effort to find alternative methods of caring for our animals, pet owners and trainers are looking to reduce the use of drugs and chemicals to keep their animals comfortable, healthy and happy while maintaining their training, competition or active lifestyles naturally.

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For the Serious Competitor/Breeder as well as the Pleasure Pet Owner. For our Feline & Canine Friends... since it was good enough for our Equine Friends it is good enough for our "little furry" friends!

+++NEW--IMMUNE SUPPORT-- I would like to present you all with a thought. With the outbreak of West Nile Virus (which all animals and people are susceptible to)... etc. etc. etc. it is a virus which eventually the immune system has to buck-up and destroy anyway. Like many of the other disturbing diseases, viruses, etc. that we try to vaccinate against, ultimately the immune system must be up to the task that it was designed for. I would like to present you with products designed to support the immune system. See our new Immune Support Product, Garlic to help keep away biting insects, and of course our basic ABC's and the new Equine-Zyme Product Line with Beta-Glucan. High quality food is also important, as many ingredients in
commerical foods tax the immune system and cause allergies. See the alternatives to vaccines, including the homeopathic nosode for West Nile, Lymes, EPM.

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Equine-Zyme Product Line

Life's Abundance Premium Health Food
Dog and Cat Food for All Life Stages

Magnetic Therapy for PETS

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it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for,
it is a thing to be achieved.
~William Jenings Bryan


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Human Solutions-Energy
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Fuel Freedom
Are GAS/Diesel Prices Killing U?
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Out your engine's performance and increase horsepower
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