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Victoria, BC Canada --on Hoof & Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral

I own an eleven year old Arabian mare who used to have a club foot. She was operated on and surgically fixed, but the foot still looked bad. I had trouble getting the blacksmith to trim it properly, and when they did it wrong it took ages for enough hoof to grow out to fix. When she tore the shoe off most of the hoof wall came with it and we really had a terrible time finding enough wall to nail to. She was a lazy horse and I had to push for everything I got from her when riding. She seemed to have little stamina and got crabby after a little work.

I put her on HOOF and RUSH CREEK 1:1 MINERAL, and what a difference I have noticed in her. Her hooves are growing so fast the blacksmith can't believe it. When I told him what she was eating he said "don't waste your money, those things don't work!" (meaning supplements for hoof growth). He can't explain why we are now trimming her every 6 - 7 weeks and taking a good 3/4 of an inch off, when before we trimmed every 9 - 10 weeks and only managed to rasp a bit of hoof off. We never needed the nippers. The side effects of the HOOF are wonderful glossy coat, a strong healthy mane and tail and a mellow disposition. She just seems happy all the time, her ears are up and her eyes are bright and even after a tough lesson or a long show she seems to have lots of energy left.

V. Stevens- Washington State -- on ABC Plus - Redmond Salt - NOMS & 1:1 Rushcreek Mineral - Pro-Bi - Dy's Liquid Bandage & Super Vitamins Plus

I have 11 horses. They range in age from just foaled to 26 yrs old. Some are purebred Arabian and Half-Arabian and one Thoroughbred off the track. My experience with ABC Products has been over the last 14 years. I have seen tougher hooves to the extent that I pleasure ride "without shoes" a lot of the time. The Thoroughbred had absesses under both front feet and fairly soft hooves, when we brought him home right off the track. With his shoes off, within two weeks he was barely moving around due to his sore feet. Our Vet diagnosed the problem. We tried bute to relieve the pain and poutlices of sugar and iodine, to help pull the absesses out. We soon realized the best plan for his recovery was to leave him alone and allow the injuries to grow out.

Due to the ABC Plus his hooves grew out strong enough to ride him without shoes almost as much as the Arabians. Our property is full of river rock which our horses run freely over. And I believe, due to the ABC Plus we have NEVER had hoof problems. Their feet are tougher due to both. My mares produce the most healthy "babies" with velvety and glossy hair coats from day one. My brood mares are in their 20's. We also have eliminated the stiffness and "old creaky joint noises" in ALL our older horses. One of the nice things is, results with these products happen VERY QUICKLY. Within one to two weeks in my experiences. All the horses free-choice consume most of the 1:1 calcium/phospherous ratio Rushcreek Mineral. Due to the free-choice NOMS my horses are chemically wormed only once or twice a year depending on need (as in Bots). And of course my salt of choice is REDMOND Salt they all love it!. Outer beauty& great dispositions' comes from inner health. All our horses seem to shed off sooner to a glossy slick coat quickly without brushing (That always indicates great health). I keep Pro-Bi handy for an occassional boost of intestinal "friendly flora" and it has come in very handy for Colic both gas colic (Thoroughbred gets gas colic if too hungry) and "backed up" type. My horses are easy for me to orally give Mineral Oil to and an occasional Banamine shot when needed. Along with some bran mash for my foaling mares we have not needed the vet for colic since using these products. (Colic is not a common problem around here and I would call the vet if I didn't get the outcome though!) DY's Liquid Bandage is all I've used for several years now for most all my injury needs. For me, there exists no other products that can produce these kinds of results. We also feed a little Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic with our grain rations and NO corn or vegetable oil nor molasses. I have included some pictures of my horses. The stallion has no makeup nor coat gloss product, only his natural shine from use of ABC Nutrition. Using ABC's Products saves on my feed bill too, so it pays for itself. Try it, you'll see!

With the advent of West Nile Virus attacking us and our animals now, I have added the
Microhydrin, Transfer Factor, Immune Support or Antioxidant, and ProZyme and Organic Garlic to my feeding program. All my horses, dogs, cats and even us are on the immune building products that are available here on this site. We urge you to do the same. Ultimately it is our immune systems' that have to do the work.

My Special Feed Mix I like to feed for all my horses, including my insulin resistant ones and 30 yr old mare and stallion.

Head Shot-Stallion MHR Port Dante (Danny) | GlossyCoat-Stallion| Filly, 1 1/2 Months Old AAH Imarah Dante| 22 yr old Broodmare JuNara (Tweety) | All are "au-natural".

Donna Keagle and Butch Cassidy -- on ABC Plus & Redmond Salt & Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral

Enclosed is a picture of "Butch Cassidy". He is 28 years old. His health and stamina is thanks to ABC's PLUS. He still can do 20 mile trail rides. Last fall we attended Pat Parelli's Natural Horse-Man-Ship Clinic so we are both still learning. His attitude and willingness to learn is also attributed to ABC's PLUS!

I also have Butch on REDMOND SALT and RUSH CREEK 1:1 MINERAL. One other thing I have noticed about Butch is the shine to his coat and mane. Thank you very much for such a quality product. Butch is also fed corn, oats, and barley and thanks to ABC's PLUS he only needs 2 1/2 lbs a day total to maintain his weight. he also receives his grass hay. We are proud members of the Old Glory Horse Promoters Club. More horse owners need to know about your natural products so their horses can have every advantage to be useful and beautiful in their later years. Happy Trails

Gigi Hoelscher & Shadow -- on ABC Plus

Shadow, my dearest friend, is a 34 year old retired hunter/jumper. He is strong, alert, moves well, and most of all seems happy to be living his life playing with his pasture friends and watching his human friends lovingly dote on him. He is a joy to see and a wonder to behold. Three years ago we came close to ending his remarkable life.

Instead I added ABC's PLUS to his diet. At age 31, Shadow was showing the effects of accumulated years old hard work in the hunt field and show circuit. When he developed some inexplicable swelling, stilted movement and a lethargic attitude, the vet administered treatment to the horse and advice to me. He said his treatment might not help Shadow, it may be getting time to put him down. I was advised not to wait too long. The anti-inflammatory medication for the horse took effect. The advice to me did not. Instead, I added ABC's PLUS to his diet. That was three years ago and nowadays the vet is amazed. Thank you.

Kerry Schlenker -- on ABC Plus

I have a 25 year old Appaloosa gelding that has been diagnosed with Cancer. During a 2 month period he lost close to 200 lbs. I was not able to keep the weight that he had on him, it didn't matter what I fed. He was losing weight so fast. He wasn't hurting and he had a great appetite. I have had this horse for 23 years and had decided long ago that when I retire him I would do everything I could for him since he had given me his "all" for so many years. Just as I was going to give up hope an acquaintance told me about ABC's PLUS. I started him on the top dress amount. He has stopped losing weight and has started slowly gaining his weight back. I don't know if he will ever be back to what he was, but ABC's PLUS has given him another beautiful summer to live through. Thank you.



Jennifer Carlson JC Quarter Horses on ABC's Plus, Rush Creek Mineral, Redmond Salt & Energy

I have been using theABC products for a year. All my horses have free choice Rush Creek Mineral, Redmond Salt and of course ABC's Plus. What a difference!

Since my stallion "Sensationalism" has been on ABC's Plus his hair coat and condition has never looked better. My broodmares didn't drop off while they were lactating, in fact had bigger bags, with less feed, on the ABC's Plus and Rush Creek Mineral.

I started the futurity babies on Energy along with the ABC's Plus at 2 months. I feed less than ever and receive better weight gain, beautiflil hair coats, and no leg problems. We all know competitive show horses are under a lot of stress with work schedules and hauling.

I have noticed I have not had a sick horse while using ABC products. All have a better attitude and general vitality. I strongly feel ABC's Plus and Energy gave me the edge to make "Dun Sensational Lee" a 3 time futurity champion.

Shawmed Inc. 198 W. Broadway Eugene, Oregon 97401 Fax 541-342-4299



Linda Lee - "Horse Mom" on ABC's Starter Kit (ABC's Plus, Redmond Salt, Rush Creek Mineral, Energy & ABC's Pet Supplements

Dear Jim and Kendra, I'm taking this opportunity to thank you both along with the staff at Advanced Biological Concepts for the "super" products your company produces and promotes.

Three years ago we ordered the "Starter Kit" for our A.Q.H.A. gelding "Gentleman Jack Cane" and have been feeding your products ever since. The show schedule can be very demanding and stressful, we have always packed along the ABC's Plus where not always possible to feed the Redmond Salt and Rush Creek Mineral.

When in different training barns and traveling a lot of miles we added the Energy for extra calories when his weight dropped. His coat is beautiful and he is in GREAT shape both physically and mentally. We now have a new Corgy puppy, to start her out right she is on the ABC's pet supplements for dogs.

Thanks again for being a phone call away when I have a nutritional question. You are "our" health food store for our animals and be assured your catalog is with us all the time and your phone number is on page 1 of our phone book.

Linda Lee "Horse Mom"

New Additions: After not having conceived for a number of years, these two mares were brought to one of ABC's research facilities. The results: after being on ABC's PLUS and the FREE CHOICE STRESS SYSTEM, they were in foal within 60 days and gave birth to these healthy and beautful fillies.

ABC PLUS Winners!

R.O. Grand Sultan ("Rio") Crossing the Finish Line

Owned by Becky Hart Ridden by Judith Ogus at the 93 FEI North American 100-Mile Endurance Championships Gold Medal Winner and Best Condition Horse.



Heather K. Mack DVM Veterinarian/Rider/Trainer

I have fed over a dozen different types of equine supplements since I have been caring for horses. Never have I seen such dramatic improvements in hair coat, attitude, performance and general vitality as I have since I started using ABC's PLUS and other products. All of my horses have free choice RUSH CREEK 1:1 MINERAL, REDMOND SALT and of course the ABC's PLUS. I prescribe it confidently to sick horses as well as to top class athletes and it truly helps them all.

Marcia Smith DVM and Harry

I started my endurance horse, Harry, on ABC's PLUS in July 92. Prior to starting him on the product I had problems with a dull dry coat and with an inability to maintain his body weight during the peak training and racing season.

After starting him on ABC's PLUS I noticed an improvement within one month. His weight has been easy to maintain this year without additions to his diet other than the PLUS, he has a beautiful glossy hair coat, and he has tremendous vitality and energy. In addition, since starting him on the product, he has been awarded BEST CONDITION following each competition that we have done. I've been very impressed with the product: Harry and our other sport horses will always be on ABC's PLUS. Following is the list of our competitions since Harry started on ABC's PLUS.

Ride: Aug 92 Tevis Cup 100 Mile Ride Results: 1st (tie) and Best Condition Ride: Mar 93 Mustang Classic 50 Mile Results: 1st and Best Condition Ride: Apr 93 Big Bad Bally 50 Mile Results: 1st (tie) and Best Condition Ride: May 93 Big Creek 70 Mile Results: 1st and Best Conditon Ride: June 93 Mt. Diablo Sunny Daze 100 Mile Results: 1st and Best Condition

Andy Miller, Hiland Buggy Shop -- on ABC Plus

I have been using ABC's PLUS since it was first placed on the market and can testify that it is the best product for BUGGY and DRAFT HORSES that I have ever used. The horses feel better and are able to do more work with less feed to keep in top condition. I had problems getting weight on horses before I began using PLUS but now my horses are in top condition. I have used it for HEAVES and have had real good look. The horses will not get nervous but they will be a lot of horse once you are on it awhile. With ABC's PLUS you do see results FAST!!! Sincerely

Candace K. Platz DVM (Veterinarian, Rider, Trainer) MY LIPIZZANS -- on ABC Plus & Free Choice Stress System

Although I have used and recommended high-quality feed supplements for horses in my barn and in my practice for many years, my experience with your product line has been distinct and unique enough to prompt these comments. Never before has what has gone into the feed tub made such a difference in the performance and attitude of my horses.

With the ABC's PLUS I have noticed increased sheen to my horses' coats and their concentrate ration has been cut to 25% of the level before adding ABC's PLUS. My farrier found also the amount of hoof growth in four weeks was greater than it normally would have been for the full six. The young stallion, a recent arrival with limited previous exposure to supplements, had been very enthusiastic about sampling the FREE CHOICE STRESS SYSTEM. He arrived at a lower plane of nutrition than my other horses, but within two weeks, his energy level is much higher and his demeanor is calmer and less nervous. But by far I am impressed by the change in attitude ABC's PLUS has effected on my horses.

I have always been a skeptic about the claims of feed additive companies, but the testimonials you offer are from individuals I respect with assertions I found too compelling to ignore. I am happy to add my experience to theirs! Keep up the good work. Sincerely.

Sorrell Quarter Horses, James & Elisha Sorrell--Dunn, NC on ABC Plus

Thank you ABC's Plus! After starting our yearlings on ABC's Plus two years ago, we noticed tremendous results in hair coat, hoof growth and appetite. We first started using the product on our broodmares then our show horses. Today all horses on our farm are on ABC's Plus. One is a 3 year old mare with over 100 halter points with 62 Grands and Reserves. This past year our weanlings were money earners at the NCQHA and EQH-NC futurities.

Our two year old stallion, MR BY MR, won the 1994 All American Quarter Horse Congress in Amateur Stallions. MR BY MR will be standing at stud starting the 1995 season. We will be feeding all mares that we will be breeding to him the ABC's Plus product. We hope to show mare owners, not already familiar with ABC's Plus, how beneficial it is to keep the mares on the ABC's Plus and to commend those already using ABC's Plus. We felt so strongly about how great ABC's Plus is that we recommend it to everyone. The champions who feed THE FEED OF CHAMPIONS.

James & Elisha Sorrell, Dunn, NC


Geeslin Quarter Horses

We feed ABC's Plus to all of our horses. What we have seen with the ABC's Plus is improved feed efficiency. We have 35 to 40 horses in stalls and the amount of grain they are now being fed with the ABC's Plus has been drastically reduced. All of our horses look good and all of them are in great condition. Their hoof and coat conditions are great and their general well being is super. Another advantage we have seen with feeding the ABC's Plus is the incidences of colic has dropped dramatically.

One of our most accomplished horses on the ABC's Plus is Investment Asset, a 1987 bay stallion by The Big Investment and out of Miss Rebel Rita by Top Rebel. "Asset" was the 1990 Reserve World Champion Junior Western Pleasure Horse and has a list of futurity accomplishments that includes winning at the Solid Gold, the Tom Powers, Gordyville Pre-Gold and the Hoosier Spectacular. "Asset" is credited with top - five finishes at both the 1990 and 1991 Congress in the Three - Year Old Derby and the Junior Western Pleasure.

Owner: Joe Geeslin Trainer: Liz Coe



Country's Reminisce Hitch-David Helmuth Trainer/Driver on ABC's Plus

With all the variable feed stuffs we had to use on our Kennebunkport, Maine to San Diego, California Cross Country trip; our horses maintained a consistent appetite and performance while using ABC's Plus.

Once because of logistics we were without ABC's Plus for two (2) weeks and saw a dramatic change in the performance of the horses.

The decision was made at that time NOT to be without ABC's Plus again, and we still include ABC's Plus in our daily feeding program.

From our experience with ABC's Plus I would recommend this quality product to each and every horse owner.

We would like to express our appreciation to the ABC's Plus people for their gracious and valuable support in this endeavor.

Country's Reminisce Hitch - David Helmuth



O.T. Kid Curry & Sharon Dumas

1st. South West Region & Top National Points 1995 Thank you, ABC!!!



Carolyn Tucker Amara Farms on ABC Nutritional Program

I am pleased to announce that my German Shagya Stallion, "Oman" has passed a very rigorous 100 day Stallion evaluation and testing held by the International Sporthorse Registry/Oldenburg USA. He was the oldest stallion in the testing at 14 years old and was the most sound and healthy throughout the 100 days. I would like to credit ABC nutritional program that Oman has been on during the last 5 years! I believe it has benefited Oman greatly. I also notice the effects in our foals every year. They are born strong and very healthy and the lactating mares also do very well. Thanks Again.



Elizabeth Millikin and "Decision Time" on ABC Nutritional Program

I want to thank you for your wonderful products and continuing support, all my horses look superb. Thank you again.

Julie Calzone - Lafayette, Louisiana Owner/Breeder/Rider/Trainer of Warmblood Sport Horses

"ABC Plus has been a wonderful addition to the nutrition program for our horses. Warmbloods need the energy from their feed, but do not require large volumes of grain - especially the babies. This vitamin has increased the efficiency of the feed so much that the horses who are in heavy work are getting under 5 pounds of grain per day. This is much easier on their digestive systems, especially in the heat of the summer. Their coats are beautiful and their energy levels are high."

"ABC Plus has taken the place of three supplements that the horses were given each day. Broodmares, foals, stallions and show horses are all responding well with this program."

"It's a very simple program to follow. Anyone can feed your horses. ABC Plus, grain, calt block and hay - that's it!"

Thanks, Julie

Sally Colquette - Breaux Bridge, LA

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much the ABC Plus vitamins are working. I first tried them 2/93 on my thoroughbred mare. After two to three weeks on the vitamins, people were asking me what I had been doing with her. She put on 100 to 200 pounds with a change in feed poundage and she was dappling out. (This is a bay mare) Since this mare did so well on the vitamins, I decided; to try my overweight Arabian gelding on them also. He has a history of hoof problems. The difference I could tell in him was an increased work capacity and he also developed a much tighter skin tone; he looks like the picture of health and he is not having any hoof problems.

I would encourage anyone who owns a horse and wants them to be in tip-top shape to use ABC Plus.

Sincerely, Sally Colquette


Rosie Gallaher - Barrel Horses --Pasco, Washington

 I would like to tell you the results I have found in my horses.

1. Five year old AQHA Mare sho I ran in barrel futurities this Spring and is now competing at 500 novice and open competition. She is an easy keeper but tended to get a bit too fat..her performance running barrels was good and consistent..her hooves were showing signs of stress due to long hauls and frequent hard runs in competition on all kinds of ground conditions. She also showed signs of stress such as poor digestion and slow kidneys all hauling related..after only ten days on ABC Plus she started to improve..better coat..better digestion..stasified with less feed..drinking more water at home and on the of all the signs of stress in her hooves have disappeared after two shoeings..ABC Plus has definately helped her physically..mentally she is consistent as she was but now she is eager at the gate and puts all she has into every run she makes..she comes back and hardly draws a long breath..she is real content and healthy..I give ABC Plus a good portion of the credit for her working to her potential.

2. Two year old Paint Filly..this filly was running out in the hills since she was weaned and had never had a hand on her. So when we got her this Spring she was a little ragged..hooves were very broken off and there was a spearation between the whiteline and the wall..generally poor health..we wormed her and put her on ABC Plus right away. After six weeks she had more normal hoof growth and was in much better health generally..when we got her she was very spooky and nervous..she is now in training and coming along real well, lost a lot of the spookiness. I am now able to cut her feed back and she is maintaining real well and still growing..I believe it would have been a long hard road for her if it had not been for ABC Plus.

3. Nine year old AQHA broke and raised colts the last four years..she was in poor condition..under weight..crumbly broken hooves..poor hair coat..she has been on ABC Plus now ninety days and she looks great and is feeling much better..still not easy to keep that weight on but its a slow steady gain..after two shoeings her hooves are in much better condition and she is training real well..she is running a nice barrel pattern and my husband is trailing calves on her and getting her used to the rope box. She now has a much nicer disposition and cooperates rather than being uncooperative like she was..ABC Plus really helped her. After reading your catalog I see you have many other products too..I look forward to trying them.

Thank you for keeping my barrel horse running tough! and for your fine products. Rosie Gallaher.

Kathy Dorval - My Arabian Filly

I bought a 2 year old Arabian filly from a big stable in Arizona. The four day trailer trip really was hard on her and when she arrived she was in terrible condition. The first few days she wouldn't eat and hardly drank any water at all. She was terribly spooky. I have had horses for 35 years, and have used many different vitamin supplements and mineral combinations. I was nevery very statisifed with any of them. I finally got some weight on the filly, but her coat was gummy, dull and itchy. Her beautiful tail and long mane began to fall out and she would rub so hard her skin would bleed. Then I discovered ABC Plus!

I put her on ABC Plus, Hoof and Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral. The minerals were fed free choice and after a year of them she can't seem to get enough, the feeder is always empty. Her coat is shiny and soft, with a gleam like a stallion's coat. She hasn't rubbed it at all this year so I presume she isn't itchy anymore. I cut her mane last year when she rubbed so much of it out. It was about 18 inches long and I had to cut it to about 3 inches. That was in the fall and this spring it is already 9 - 10 inches long and glossy.

I noticed a marked improvement in her after only a week on the ABC Plus. Not only with her condition, but with her disposition. She was so frightened when she arrived that I couldn't get her out of her paddock. On the ABC Plus she became bold, and sensible, as now we are riding on the roads with lots of traffic.

I also notice that she seems to have remarkable healing abilities, as she has had two cuts which required stitches and neither have been a problem, they have healed without a scar.

Kathy Dorval

THAT's ALL FOLKS!!! Send us some more. Everyone from Pleasure Horse Owners to Competitor/Athletes to Breeders. We would like your testimonies and PICTURES on-line for all to enjoy! One more opportunity to talk about your horses and show them off. I know how much I like to look at and talk horses every little opportunity I get. Looking forward to your letters & pictures. (We can scan them in or you can attach them to your email), Happy Trails, Vickie Stevens

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